About Me

The first 22 years of my life were spent in upstate New York.  Find Albany, and go about 20 miles north of there.  The last 4 of those 22 were at Clarkson University, in Postdam, NY.  (That’s… even further north!)  I graduated from Clarkson with a degree in Computer Science, and headed to Virginia

I’ve spent the last 20+ years within the confines of the Herndon and Reston areas of Northern Virginia.  I originally left NY for VA to join a small, independent software company as their systems administrator.  That lasted about a year and a half, when I made the jump to AOL.  I spent about 11 years as a senior network engineer for AOL’s massive data centers.  From there, Comcast, and then Verisign.  Currently, I’m a Network Architect at an unknown tech company called IBM.

“Seasoned” is the phrase.  AKA: Old.  Been there, done that.

To say  that I’m a geek would be like saying the sun is merely hot.  Hyper alpha geek is probably more applicable.  Time away from the office, including Christmas breaks, is usually spent trying to learn new systems or network topics, and then solving self-created challenges with that new knowledge.  Beaches?  Far-away places?  Bah!  Who needs them?  I’ve got a laptop and a new technical challenge in front of me!

When I’m not being a computer and/or network geek, I can sometimes be found at the local race track (Summit Point Raceway) driving my car around it at hyper-legal speeds.

My resume can be viewed and downloaded here: Jason’s Resume

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